Price excl. VAT (VAT 20% applicable for France and EU). Our insoles can be trim to size 14.5 US (48.5 EU ).

Depending on your goals, running can put a strain on your body in winter. That's why we've designed our CLIMFEET insoles so that your performance isn't compromised by cold feet. Climfeet will also keep your feet cool on hot ground.
Our insoles will provide you with unrivalled thermal and even mechanical comfort, without the need for batteries as they are activated by your own footsteps and therefore have no carbon footprint.

CLIMFEET insoles feature hundreds of patented miniature heat pumps, made up of 2 air-filled cells. Your foot acts as the compressor (compressing the air naturally heats it up) and the hyper-elasticity of our material acts as the expander (expanding the air through a nozzle naturally cools it down).
With the environment in mind, we've changed the shape of the cutting sheets you receive: they're now shaped like a sole to limit the size of the cuts and preserve around 10% of the material, and the cells on the hot side are now hexagonal for maximum comfort.
Package weight (grams) 340
Composition 95% silicon, 5% copper
size up to 15 US (48.5 EU)
Color one blue side and one brown side
Sport running, trail, hikking, hiking, walking, rugby, football, padel, cycling... (not recommended for downhill skiing)
On touch super comfortable
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-3.5°C or +4°C
from 7 steps


Designed to work
between -40°C and +60°C


Washable with
soap and water

100% French

Designed, manufactured
and packaged in France

After delivery

How to open the Climfeet packaging

  1. Take a pointed tool (not necessarily sharp)
  2. Insert it in the space between the blue and red (or brown) parts
  3. Découper l'étiquette
  4. Pull the two parts apart
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How to cut your soles

  1. Remove the sole
    Comment découper vos semelles - 1
  2. Trace the shape
    Comment découper vos semelles - 2
  3. Cut carefully
    Comment découper vos semelles - 3
  4. Insert and enjoy!
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